Having a Mobile-optimized application is extremely important for any brand or service nowadays.  The consumer behavior shift towards the adoption of smartphone was very fast.   SevenSprings Technology AG is working in mobile application development and positioning itself not only as a technology developer but as a real digital consultant who will guide you to the best solutions for your business.

Don’t miss to make your business relevant to customers on-the-go.  Our experience spans over Android, iPhone operating systems and Smartwatches (wearables).   We are working with our clients from the conception, design, development and implementation till the marketing campaigns.

It is important to have the following outcome:

Increase customer loyalty and consequently the sales volume of the company.

Add new clients to the CRM

Become connected to the clients around the clock.

Know better your clients, places, preferences and behavior


Our application developing team consists of experienced mobile application developers using the latest technologies to achieve our clients’ needs and goals. We work on maintaining modern designs and easy to use applications.

We cover different sectors in application development:

  • Medical Sector
  • FMCGs
  • Petroleum
  • Services
  • Governmental
  • Startup
  • Food

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