Digital transformation is a must, we present ourselves as the best partner to companies that wants to automate its processes.

Innovative companies have a significant higher competitive advantage in today’s fast paced business world. The rate of digital transformation varies from industry to industry. However, the transformation is changing the all known rules of the game for all companies. Building capabilities and know-how in the field of innovation management contributes to sustainable management even in times of digital transformation.

Workshops and consultations

In the workshop you will learn how to establish, optimize and standardize innovation management. This includes the correct development of innovation strategies, the definition of innovation as a business processes, the evaluation of innovations and the application of “SCRUM” Project methodology to materialize innovation projects. The workshops will also teach you how to setup and manage innovation labs. You will learn how to use toolbox such as “Design Thinking”.

Develop and scale digital platforms

Digital platforms such as Airbnb or Blockchain platforms are often developed by start-ups and are disrupting traditional industries. Platform providers often creating completely new markets, which gives them a strategic and competitive advantage. These platforms often interact with mobile apps, web apps or blockchain-based DApps. Platform-based business models will be one of the main growth drivers for many companies in the future.

Traditional management and marketing models do not apply anymore to these digital platforms. However, the successful platforms are open and highly scalable due to network effects. We are happy to advise and accompany you through your platform project and offer targeted platform success workshops.

Apply Design Thinking

There are many reasons why innovations are so important for companies. On the one hand, innovation and creativity are associated with sustainable growth and continuity of business models. On the other hand, the increasing digitalization of our society is leading to a comprehensive change in products, services, processes and business models. In this context, innovation is the driving force for adapting to new circumstances.

Design Thinking provides a comprehensive toolbox, which allows companies drive innovation in a practical way. Design Thinking focuses on people as consumers and as users of technology. This method delivers customer-oriented and innovative results, which helps solving complex problems through an iterative process. We will teach you the underlying framework and assist you in your projects with the Design Thinking methods.

Promoting a culture of innovation:

Innovation means change. And this is not easy. In science, it is expected to take about 30 years until a fundamental innovation from the first idea to the commercial product has become established. However, companies – especially SMEs do not have so much time to successfully develop and implement an idea.

For SMEs, the question arises as to how a successful innovation culture can be developed. There are over 66 ways and methods to promote a culture of innovation. We have over 66 proven concepts on how to identify your own innovation potential and develop innovative ideas.

Leadership in digital transformation

Digitization has become an integral part of entrepreneurial continuity in all industries. Most of the planned innovations fail because of the human factor. For example, managers do not consider innovating their business models and if they do, it is often close to their “comfort zone”.

Digital transformation projects are doomed to fail if leadership does not acknowledge the sense of urgency for digital transformation. A sound, pragmatic leadership process helps to overcome these hurdles so that companies can plan, lead and successfully implement innovation correctly. We accompany you and your executives on request and show the possibilities in workshops.

Creating an innovative environment model

How can your company become more innovative and compete with scientifically founded and practice-relevant innovation methods and achieve sustainable success?

Scientific research has shown that innovative companies achieve significantly higher margins and are more successful. The generation of ideas and the application of frameworks such as “design thinking” alone are not sufficient. Leaderships team are often confronted with a wider range of questions. How can the company become more innovative? How should new technologies and innovations be adopted? Which technologies should be selected? How is innovation organized? How are innovation processes managed effectively and efficiently? How should innovations be marketed? Which methods are available, which have proven themselves? How do you manage to select the right technologies for your company, evaluate them, integrate them into your technology portfolio and how can innovative business models be developed? Research observed that 70% of innovations fail because of people. How do you create a company culture, which fosters and encourages innovation? Which skillset does the leadership and the entire organization require to drive innovation?

Our interactive workshops will provide practical guidance on how your company can gradually create a tangible innovative framework. We will advise and guide you to set up a practical environment for innovation management.

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