Purple Bureau

Purple Bureau (PB) is your business partner solution for effective digital transformation empowering employees’ internal communication and performance. Purple Bureau is a communication and HR SaaS solution adding value to your business and employees daily work processes, fully engaging your mobile employees. It enables you to connect all the company together and listen to your employees, empower them to have access to their attendance, requests and salary information.

Purple Bureau comes in different languages targeting your employees in all the company branches with a neat user friendly user interface for a well-defined user experience. One of the most advantages of using Purple Bureau is its dynamic backend where depending on the country and company rules, the application manager will be able to add in all kinds of regulations, criteria, requests, holidays, working times and days off, etc. as per needed with easy editable options. Further, you get to enjoy reporting analysis and report extraction assisting your strategic business decisions.
As an innovative automated platform, Purple Bureau mobile application provides a wide array of features transforming the company’s internal business processes.

Some of its features include:



Purple Bureau provides three different packages based on its features as well as a customized package per client’s needs. Our packages offer a wide range of features that can be flexibly adapted to meet the needs and requirements of your company and its departments. Benefit from a new form of business management that saves your valuable time, provides you with a comprehensive overview of internal and external business processes, and adds value to the daily workflow of your employees.

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