RSM-KMU Website

A simple, elegant website that enables the user to reach the page content he needs instantly. The website presents the services provided in an attractive full view to the customer, about the company section and contact us with information and guides to reach the company. We follow the marketing rules with the least number of clicks for the user to reach his destination.

SwissTeCC Portal

A portal aiming at connecting physicians with their patients and the expert team as well for all to collaborate. It provides a safe, secured portal considering the secrecy of the patient and his medical reports while dealing with his doctor and if even a second opinion is needed. Physicians and patients have their profile with the needed reports and access screen for better service to the patient.

United Insurance Services (UNIS) Purple Bureau application

Providing Purple Bureau to UNIS, they are processing all their employees requests through the request management feature as per the types of requests, rules and regulations that they want from the dynamic backend. Surely the application comes in their corporate identity look and feel. Through the notification feature, the company is able to reach its employees as per the filter needed; all employees, one employee, per department, per project or branch, etc. They enjoy viewing the reports and analytics that give the management team and the HR a view on the company’s performance and its team. News, Employees directory and the calendar are features as well enjoyed by UNIS team through Purple Bureau digital transformation tool.

RSM Switzerland Purple Bureau application

Being one of the top 10 auditing firms in the world, RSM Switzerland chose Purple Bureau to increase its employees’ internal communication and facilitates HR processes. The Employees directory screen helps the team be connected with easy access buttons, the spirit of the team as well as their learning curve is recognized through the Serious gaming feature. The Requests management module allows them to apply all their business and vacation requests through the approval/rejection managerial cycle at a smooth easy pace. Further features assist them in their work tasks and acts as a two-way communication between team members.

Medical Training Services website

Medical Training Services is offering health improvement strategies to patients as well as to organizations operating in healthcare services or healthcare providers to enhance their competencies. Though based in Switzerland, MTS is operating on a global scale. Dr. Andbreen Chaundhry improved her workflow through our services such as web development strategies and design thinking consultations for various objectives.
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