Purple Bureau is your business digital transformation tool that enhances employees’ engagement and performance. It is a communication and HR SaaS solution adding value to your business and employees daily work processes, fully engaging your mobile employees. As an innovative automated platform, Purple Bureau mobile application provides a wide array of features transforming the company’s internal business processes.

Digital transformation essentials

Employees directory

Record all essential information about your employees and enable direct communication; call, send email, sms or message. Managers see a list of their subordinates.

Performance management

Continuous and constructive assessment of employees to evaluate their work performance and development.

Requests & feedback

Employees can directly business and absence requests with attached documents to the HR department and to their managers and receive feedback.

Recruitment processes

Automated processes support the HR department in all recruitment stages until successful onboarding of employees.


Serious gaming

Engage employees and deliver company-related knowledge to them through gamification while gaining insight into their accuracy and speed.

Travel & expenses tracker

Recorded expenses can be tracked digitally with attachments of receipts, for reimbursement.

Application fundamentals

Purple Bureau offers you a wide range of features that can be flexibly adapted to meet the needs and requirements of your company and its departments. Benefit from a new form of business management that saves your valuable time, provides you with a comprehensive overview of internal and external business processes, and adds value to the daily workflow of your employees.

As an innovative and future-oriented company, we always strive to provide our customers with high-quality products. Dedicated to meet the demands of a dynamically developing market, we continuously invest a lot of time in the further development of our product range.

Dashboard insights

Data collection is a critical factor when you face the challenge of making informed decisions that can impact you and your employees. Our insightful analytics enable you to support your strategic and HR decisions. This enables you to efficiently manage your employees’ absences, average vacation days granted, voting results, and internal company developments.

Absence management

The various features support you proactively in the administration of leave requests as well as in the recording of working hours and absences of your employees. The user-friendly interface facilitates digital time-tracking, and offers freedom to respond directly to requests and coordinate them between managers and the HR department.

CRM module

The CRM module provides the sales department with the capacity to store all relevant information such as contact details, planned follow-up activities as well as the current status of potential customers in a centrally available digital format. The various CRM reports support actively the management in analyzing current and potential clients’ status in order to create and align further strategic decisions.

Shared calendars

The calendar function provides a clear overview to coordinate and monitor company-related scheduling processes. Calendar sharing allows users to view and manage available dates to effectively coordinate them. By providing a shared company calendar, your employees can take relevant company events into account to include them into their own schedule.

Training module

Identifying the importance of employees’ career development, the training module allows the HR manager to offer or assign training courses for specific employees or departments. With the insight of perceived or still pending training activities, development processes of employees can be effectively evaluated and considered within future planning proposals.

Communication assets

Internal communication processes are fundamental basics for the success of companies. Through the various functions we provide you can send relevant notifications throughout the company, within different departments or directly to individuals. While the news feature enables the central distribution of news, the exchange between private or group chat rooms enhances communication on an innovative scale.

Team engagement

By integrating your employees into various team-relevant decision-making procedures, you actively contribute to fostering a strong corporate culture. In order to facilitate an innovative knowledge transfer, the Serious Gaming feature offers you an effective method to efficiently train your employees. Depending on the target, the knowledge transfer can be specifically adapted to company- and business relevant topics or target major topics such as GDPR.

Payroll transparency

To increase the efficiency of payroll accounting, this time-consuming procedure can be automated. The system records payroll-relevant information such as overtime, rewards, and absence times in connection to their cause. Concurrent your employees gain a transparent insight into the particular payroll period.