Purple Bureau is a Communication, HR, and CRM mobile application with an employee-centric approach.  It helps employees to engage in a more positive way through the mobile interface with their organization.

Purple Bureau Communication & HR SaaS offers a new experience that ensures effective communication and employee engagement. In a very short time, it will help you improve communication across all departments and allow your non-desk employees to be fully involved in company’s latest changes and industry trends.   The organization will be able to easily communicate all its news, calendars, knowledge through gaming as well as automate a lot of the processes that exists within the organization.

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Attendance & absence

Your employees’ attendance recording and time logging is now digitized;

Employees directories

Record all employees’ essential information that can be edited at any time.

Notifications and alerts

While e-mails can take time, mobile alerts will surely be read and acknowledged.


Have insightful analysis that will support you in your strategic and HR decisions.

Salary (payroll self-service)

Employees will be notified instantly with their salaries transfer with all its details.

Vacations requests and management

Your employees can now send vacation requests to HR and /or their manager.


A series of features will be available for your organization to use upon its needs in Purple Bureau.  The applications comes with a business kit that covers all the needs of the different departments.  Not only the HR department will benefits from saving time, but also sales, support and auditors will benefit from using CRM, individual and shared calendars, news, etc.

We are investing a lot of time in enhancing your experience and coming closer to your finger tips.  PurpleBureau started with mobile application service and now is providing an interfacing through its Outlook Add-in  tool which will allow you to share calendar and emails.

  • CRM (Pipeline);
  • Serious gaming;
  • Shared calendars;
  • ToDo lists;
  • Time sheet;
  • Chatting area.


Employees directory


Requests and vacation

Data collection is a crucial factor when you face the challenge of making an informed decision that may impact you and people around you. Have insightful analysis that will support you in your strategic and HR decisions, and follow the progress of your employees’ absence rate, average vacation days, voting outcomes, CVs referrals sources, training attendees, and much more.

Analysis covers Personnel status, CRM activities, gamifications, and all other features in the application.

Employee profiles are imported or created in no time. Finding, editing and updating employee info is an easy task, as all the data is readily available in one place. Plus, you get an additional feature to save work documents, certificates, etc. which can assist in almost complete elimination of paper based record keeping.
Your new employees will easily break the ice with their team mates and find their way throughout the company by using Purple Bureau mobile app.

Manual time cards increase the chance of errors and duplication as well as slowing down the payroll process, unlike digital mobile attendance that eliminates errors and automatically calculates information affecting payroll, such as lateness, work from home or overtime- all in one system. Using Purple Bureau, employees can Punch in and out using their mobile phones, and check-in while in the office, working from home or during a business mission. Their check-in locations are monitored via geolocation and the data is then instantly transferred into your payroll solution.

Handling employee vacations, scheduling and dealing with leave conflicts will no longer be messy, time consuming process. Requests are created, then approved or rejected in just a few clicks and saved in the database. Employees can send short messages instead of filling vacation forms, choosing the type of holiday and the time frame they need.
To avoid any time conflicts, employees and managers have an access to the calendar, showing them the days taken by their teammates.

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