SST is an IT-company, which provides mobile apps, security software, data and predictive analytics, it-outsourcing solutions and advisory on innovative business models. SST collaborates with academics and research centers in Switzerland and abroad. SST relies on a global network of partners and resources to deploy the solution, which fits your needs.

Our Mission

In the heart of Switzerland, there are seven springs that feed the Simme river, which flows 55 km through the Bernese Oberland into the Lake Thun in Wimmis. The waterfalls cascade from a significant height. Below the Alp, the river forms the 200-meter-high Simmen Falls. The water flows rapidly over and cascades several meters down, gaining energy in the process.
By analogy with the Seven springs and the Simmer river, SevenSprings Technology AG is providing the energy and vision to its clients to support their business decisions. Our solutions are swiftly integrated in our clients’ core business processes. It is our mission to empower our clients with the necessary tools, so they can growth their business in a sustainable manner.

Why SevenSprings Technology?


  • Orchtech Zurich
  • Leoni
  • Amadeus
  • Naos Marketing
  • Sanofi
  • Medical Training Services

Board Members

Kurt Meier

Board Member

With 20 years of experience, Kurt Meier has a deep knowledge in Finance and Accounting, Tax Consulting and Audit. Kurt Meier is a Swiss-Certified Accountant.

Embisa M’Peti

Board Member

Embisa worked for seven years for the third-largest European HR and payroll provider. He has various leadership and executive roles on a local and international level.

Management Team

Omar Shafik

Managing Director

Omar Shafik worked for 20 years in software development with 20 years in ERP, 12 years in web development and more than 9 years in Mobile Development.

Sylvia Zaky

Business Development Manager

With 8 years+ of experience, Sylvia has a deep knowledge in business development and project management.

Ola Ali

Product Specialist

Ola worked in the software domain and has a good experience that allows her to understand the needs of the client and provide the right solution to this need.


  • It was a pleasure working with Omar Shafik from SevenSprings. It gave me a better insight on the usage of technology to help boost the productivity of my company.

    Anbreen Chaudhry Training Development, https://medicaltrainingservices.ch/