about us

About us

SevenSprings Technology AG is a software development company based among the numerous companies for science, technology and economy at Technopark in Zurich. We are specialized in providing software development services, payroll and tax auditing, outsourcing services and consultation – working with all business sectors in all fields. We aim at providing fundamental digital transformation services to adapt your company to the business world with the security and regulations taken care of.

Our software development products include design, development and publishing of websites and mobile applications, distributors of NetSupport program and our own communication HR digital transformation tool, Purple Bureau. We offer payroll and tax auditing services assisting companies to effectively calculate and have the salaries ready as needed, along with consultation services.

Based on our experience and global network of partners and resources, we can offer your business what it truly needs though tailored-made solutions satisfying your business requirements.

Story behind the name

Our name is derived from the Seven springs that feed the Simme river with speed, energy and changing the whole sight. With the same token, this is our aim at SevenSprings company. Through our services, we empower our clients so they can operate their business better, more efficient, with less time and effort reaching their target results.

SST Logo


To be one of the leading software companies in Europe and Worldwide.


Adopting digital transformational tools for your business through diversified, high quality products and services delivery accompanied with regular support with applying the needed regulatory measures.

Our Team

Kurt Meier

Kurt Meier


A Swiss certified public accountant with more than 20 years of experience and a sound knowledge of finance and accounting, tax consulting and auditing.
Embisa M’Peti

Embisa M’peti


Leading various management roles on the local and international level, while working for 7 years at the third largest European HR and payroll service provider.
Omar Shafik

Omar Shafik


Experienced in the software development field for over 20 years, skillful in web development and more than 10 years of mobile development in different sectors.
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